“In the name of reason...be pointless” — El Perkin


El Perkin is a photographer and graphic designer, based in Northern NSW Australia — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me caring for my four young children ....preferably at the beach!


Oh strife she ENJOYS HER LIFE! A post meta moment ACTUALISED as ME going SOMEWHERE.... When everything is a VIBE...i'm loving the TUNES. MUSIC is my right hand and BEAUTY is my TRADE. Nothing matters is the SPADE and the JOKER is the GREATEST GIFT in this hand. Smiles are FREE & PLENTY with me...the SUN is my LOVE and I LISTEN to her GLISTEN everyday. These pictures were created having the MOST FUN EVER...with a huge amount of REVERENCE for all MOTHER NATURE has on display everyday. MAGIC was found in merging PHYSIS and LOVE xoxoxo 

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